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Creative Businesses Are Different

You know your creative business

If you work in a creative business, you know that your profession is a special one. An uncompromising artistic vision is an essential part of your professional life, and you have learned to balance that with the business requirements of your company. When you dreamed of starting your company, you knew you wanted to spend all day doing what you enjoy the most. It was important to you that everyone on your team had the freedom to follow their own artistic strivings as well. You trusted that your talent and the people you picked to work with you would make you successful. With a lot of hard work, it has.

Despite this, something isn’t quite right, and you can feel it. Instead of everyone experiencing a spirit of camaraderie and inspiring each other with new ideas, people are frustrated and tense. The creativity you count on is being stifled by repeating arguments, power struggles, brittle conversations, or unspoken resentments. Some team members feel undermined, while others feel unheard or unhappy. Projects might be getting done, but by the time they’re done, nobody is happy anymore. This isn’t what you had in mind.

So what’s the problem?
...PPSF knows creative people

The problem is that working on a team isn’t easy for creative people. Studies show that creativity and introversion go together, which means that most artistic people like to work alone and do best without the pressures of excessive social contact. But all that social contact-- the moment-to-moment communication between colleagues that happens every day whether you’re ready for it or not-- is essential to making your creative business run smoothly. That can create a lot of stress.

PPSF Consulting understands the unique needs of creative people in their professional environment. Through skilled observation, sensitive facilitation, and realistic suggestions for you to put into action, you can have the work environment you always wanted.

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